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1999 - 2003

In 1999 Dave Maier (v, g) and Kai Lohwasser (d) founded Spellbound, soon to be followed by Lennart Vocke (b) and Daniel Tschoepe. The first self produced demo „First Contact“ followed suit showing the band playing Death Metal with Black Metal influences.
Between 2000 and 2003 two more Demos, „Extensions“ and „Violent Forces“ were released. During this period the Death and Black Metal elements were slowly abbandoned in favour of a Thrash Metal style. This resulted in Lennart Vocke taking over the vocals from Dave Maier.

                                   2000: F.l.t.r: Daniel Tschope,Kai Lohwasser,Dave Maier,Lennart Vocke

2004 - 2006

After the recording of „Violent Forces“ the band started working on their debut album. For this Andy Classen's Stage One Studio (Legion of the Damned, Tankard) was chosen in order to achieve a sound capable of standing the test of the international scene.
The result „Incoming Destiny“ (self released in 2004) convinced fans and press and caught the attention of Armageddon Music who took care of the worldwide release in Oktober 2005.
April 2006 saw Spellbound doing the „Wacken Roadshow Tour“ together with Ensiferum and Orphaned Land. In the summer of 2006 Kai Lohwasser (d) left the band and was replaced by Andy Flache. Shortly after Lennart Vocke (v,b) also left.


                                    2006: F.l.t.r: Daniel Tschoepe,Kai Lohwasser,Lennart Vocke,Dave Maier

2007 - 2009

For the sophomore album „Nemesis 2665“ once again the Stage One Studio was chosen. Dave Maier took over bass and vocal duties for the recording session. Soon after the recordings Hannes Jaeger became the new bass player.
The release party for „Nemesis 2665“ took place at an exclusive Show Case in the Wacken Open Air VIP tent.
Despite of the line-up problems in the run-up „Nemesis“ put the band up on a higher level and received raving reviews worldwide. „Incoming Destiny“ was rereleased for the US market by Locomotive Records although the cover artwork had to be changed due to it's controversial political message.
Concerts with Ektomorf, Kreator, Catarace etc. followed. But after a tour with Overkill was cancelled and Armageddon Music broke up things went down. Dave was forced to put the band on hold.


                                    2007: F.l.t.r: Hannes Jäger,Daniel Tschoepe,Dave Maier,Andy Flache    

2012 - 2015

Meanwhile Dave Maier had moved to Nuremberg and found a new line-up with Phil Carroll (g), Eldo Prosch (dr) and Domi Merz (Ex-Soul Demise /Final Breath) thanks to his contacts in the local cover band and generall metal scene. Due to the mutual stage experience gained in professional metal cover bands like „Justice“ and „F.U.C.K.“ the band rose to an even higher level than ever before. Dave painstakingly took care of every detail in writing the material for the long awaited third album. Together with Joerg „Warthy“ Wartman and R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy / Suicidal Angels) the production tool place in four (!) different studios. The result was entitled „Nothing but the Truth“ combining traditional heaviness and hooks with melodies in order to set a new benchmark in the scene. Optically topped with a surreal (and zombie free) Ed Repka artwork „Nothing but the Truth“ combines a late 80s feel with an up to date production enabling Spellbound to take the next big step. “Nothing But The Truth” is released in February 2015 under the flag of BRET HARD RECORDS.

                                     2015: V.l.n.r.: Domi Merz, Dave Maier, Phil Carroll, Eldo Prosch

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