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"INCOMING DESTINY" (Soulfood / Armageddon Music, 2005  & Locomotive Records, 2006)

Ten years ago you were as old fashioned as a t-rex if you play thrash metal, in 2005 this sounds contemporary and straight-to-the edge again!
Juan Destroyer (Heavy Rock, Spain)

Finally a killer thrash disc that is fully abreast of the times and yet so nostalgic digging into the musty box of German especially Thrash history. SPELLBOUND have been able to cut off the best and most intense of each cake and from an appetizing to make delicacy that everyone should Thrasher drive a sunny red on all four cheeks. As with songs, SPELLBOUND give technical production at full throttle. the guitars peel one skin from the bones while one of the pressure of the rhythm section decent dents in the stomach brought . Thus all around top, "no questions asked!
Alex Straka (

"Raw Fashioned Old-school thrash metal. Neckbreaking speed and the staccato riffing have so many old heroes look much older!"
Jan Jaedike  (Rock Hard)

"Germany Strikes Back! Spellbound on INCOMING DESTINY is strong thrash metal of international stature. Good sound, good riffs, good melodies, and all provided with a modern touch without the roots of the genre crop. Applause!"
Anzo Sadoni (Metal Hammer, Deutschland)

"On the clock timbered somewhere between Bay Area thrash metal, Slayer and Kreator. A convincing debut in every respect."
Andreas Stappert (Rock Hard)

Spellbound surprise with playful staged Thrash, whose aggressiveness is lit primarily by razor-sharp, rugged guitar-riffing, while maintaining sufficient space for cool hooks and technical finesse is left. Fans of Slayer to Kreator can feel addressed - thus all Thrasher.
Detlef Dengler (Metal Hammer)

"The Bay Area is now southern Germany: SPELLBOUND thrash after finest Californian tradition into the ear canals of the Metal Maniacs." Incoming Destiny "provides fodder for fans of Exodus, Slayer and other reference levels: Uneven staccato riffs, pumping bass, fine solo passages, aggressive shouting and energetic drumming Fuck the new thrash -. this is "really thrashy" Yeah "!
Memme (

After the short intro, the boys climb into a Final Breath-heavy Thrasher, who is adorned with Mille-like vocals. In the following paragraphs, particularly in "Trust In Fire", an influence of Kreator is undeniable, but the boys are not afraid to provide the number to a more rocking solo. Who the new Kreator is too top-heavy, should antesten times whether with Spellbound is not interesting young behind the boys from Essen. Although there are no real all-time classics like Kreator at the start, but who also times starting small. A whopping 10 of 13 eyes for the German thrash young.
Oliver Vollmer (Bright Eyes)

Incoming Destiny
Out of the way, the thrash-roll from Constance is on the way! After several demonstrations and a temporary separation SPELLBOUND created the first album from their ribs and make the good play right into the heart of the old school Group. 'Incoming Destiny' cares namely not give a damn about modern gaits of the genre, but is exactly the approach where veteran heroes who once lost his bearings. The opening doublet 'Incoming Destiny' and 'Arrival Of The Gods', for example, gives the impression that Kreators 'Coma Of Souls' released only two weeks ago! Down to earth, brutally and yet catchy, the four men from Lake Constance indicate so at the beginning of the set to music delicacy gas without squint of any trend. And these self-issued march towards no longer changes during the remainder of good forty-minute disc. Leaning a little more time at legendary Bay Area veterans, but then again Ruhrpott-like give here a total of nine tracks (plus intro) the handle in his hand, claiming the neck muscles quite a bit. Embedded the whole thing is the way in an official Andy Classen sound that leaves the local stall as usual for wind tunnel and puts many a blow-dried hair. In sum, therefore, a well-rounded, even after the passage of the seventeenth still fun as hell! Class debut!
Peter Engelking (9 Punkte) Heavy

"No question, these guys have absorbed Exodus, Slayer and Testament with the breast milk. ForThrash Metal lunatics of the old school " Incoming Destiny " is a godsend!"
Andreas Reissnauer (EMP)

"The german answer to the thrash of the Ruhrpott they thunders here and played wonderfully uncompromising officially from digital turntables and commutes between destruction kreator!"
Matthias Igel, Metal Heart


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